Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Skill ?

Skill is a learnt ability to carry out a task with pre-determined results.

  What is Assessment and what is meant by Skill Assessment ?

The act of making a judgment about knowledge, skills and competency through different methods – interviews, tests, observations, assignments, practical and professional discussions etc. Assessment is when an assessor sees enough Evidence to decide whether a Candidate is ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ and this process is called Skill Assessment.

  What is Competency ?

Competency can be defined as a cluster of related knowledge, skills and attitudes that affect major part of one’s job and that correlates with performance on the job that can be measured against well accepted standards.

  What is Examination ?

Examination is part that of the evaluation, which measures a candidate's competence by one or more means such as, written, oral, practical and observational.

  What is Question Paper ?

It is a set of some knowledge key related with specified topic.

  What is a Practical ?

It is concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.

  What is meant by Viva ?

It is subject to an oral examination.

  What is Certification ?

Refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of a person or organization education assessment or audit

  What is SSC ?

Sector Skill Councils are set up as autonomous industry-led bodies by NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation). They create Occupational Standards and Qualification bodies, develop competency framework, conduct Training the Trainer Programs, conduct skill gap studies and Assess and Certify trainees on the curriculum aligned to National Occupational Standards developed by them.

  What is SDI ?

SDI (Skill Development Initiative Scheme) was launched by Government of India to provide vocational training to school leavers, existing workers, ITI graduates, etc. to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Govt., private institutions and the Industry. Existing skills of the persons can also be tested and certified under this scheme.

  What is a LIA ?

LIA stands for Lead Implementing Agency. It is appointed by Government of India for Implementing / providing Guidelines to various Sector Skill Council.

  What is VTP ?

The training under SDI scheme will be provided by various VTPs (Vocational Training Providers) under Central Government, State Governments, Public and Private Sector and Industrial establishments. VTPs will provide counselling & vocational guidance, training facilities as per norms, impart good quality training, post training support to trainees in getting employment, maintain data base on trainees trained and the outcome of the training.

  What is NOS ?

National Occupational Standards (NOSs) provides the standard of performance an individual must achieve while carrying out a particular activity at the workplace, they must meet the standard consistently with both knowledge and understanding. Each NOS describes one key function in a job role. In its crucial form, NOS defines functions, standards of performance, knowledge and understanding.

  What is QP ?

A set of National Occupational Standards (NOSs) when associated with a job role is called Qualification Packs (QPs). They are available for every job role in every industry sector. These drive formations of curriculum and assessments.

  What is NSQF ?

The National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF), is a descriptive framework that arranges sequence of level of knowledge, skills and aptitude according to the qualifications. These levels are characterized in relation of learning results.

  Who is an Assessor ?

Assessor is a person who has been engaged for conducting the assessment of Skill. He/she shall have necessary educational/technical qualifications apart from being trained as assessor.

  Who is a Candidate ?

Candidate is the one who has fulfilled specified prerequisite allowing his/her participation in the assessment /certification process.

  What is meant by Assessment Process ?

All activity by which an assessing body establish that a person fulfills specified competence requirement including application, evaluation, and decision on assessment.

  How to become an Assessor ?

To become an Assessor the person must first give an online exam by registering through our website.

  What is the Qualification required for becoming an Assessor ?

The assessor should be a technical graduate with a degree/diploma in PG from a reputed institute and should have minimum 3 years of industry experience in the Assessment Business and strong communication and writing skills with strong IT skills.

  What are the roles and responsibilities of an Assessor ?

Assessor is Responsible for the assessments and to follow the guideline of the organization and also follow the protocol of the assessment under Various scheme of government of India and SSC and any other bodies and will plan and carry out assessment, ensuring timely achievement of qualifications.

    Key Responsibilities:
  • Visiting Testing venue and assessing person as part of SB Assessors Parameter to ensure the successful candidates are in line with required competence level as per the module.
  • Efficient and effective operation of the assessment process in line with AEPC guideline relating to quality and the requirements of the DGE&T /MOT Conducting Assessment qualitatively and confidentiality.
  • Collecting Assessment evidence from VTP /LIA’s or direct students
  • Evaluating answer scripts and prepare results.
  • Timely Submission of results to Coordinators along with evidences of assessment.
  • Submission of assessor claim to Coordinators.
  • Ensure the full embedding of all Equal Opportunities policies and Health & Safety.
  • Any other task as and when required.
  What is the reimbursement policy for an Assessor ?

The Assessors would be reimbursed for all Assessment related activities.

  How and When the Assessor would be reimbursed ?

The Assessor would be reimbursed through cheque within 15 days after the Assessment process is completed.

  Is travelling required for the Assessors ?

Yes, it might require some of the Assessors to travel for the Assessment.

  Who will be responsible for travelling and accommodation expenses ?

The company will take care of the travelling and accommodation of the Assessors.

  Will the questionnaire and answers be provided to the Assessor ?

Yes, the questionnaire and answers will be provided to the Assessor in advance.

  Who will decide whether the candidate is pass or fail ?

The company will decide whether the candidate is pass or fail.

  For everything, who is the Assessor answerable to ?

The Assessor is answerable to the company for all activities.

  How will an Assessor send his Assessment report ?

The Assessor after completing the Assessment process will gather evidence and documents and courier us within 7 days after completion of the Assessment.

  What is the expected time to complete the Assessment ?

The expected time to complete the Assessment depends on the project allotted.

  What will be the batch size of the candidates an Assessor will Assess ?

The batch size of the candidates would depend on the size of the project.

  How much time in advance the Assessor will be informed about the Assessment ?

The Assessor would be informed 2-3 days in advance about the Assessment.

  Will the company provide any training to the Assessor ?

Yes, the company would provide training, in case we find that the Assessor needs training.

  Can Assessor be involved with other Assessing body/Institutions as an Assessor or Trainer ?

No, the Assessor has to fill a form where they will undertake that he/she is not involved with other Assessing body/Institutions as an Assessor or Trainer.

  What is the procedure for enrolment as an Assessor ?

To be an Assessor with SB Assessor and Services, the company will conduct pre-screening of Assessors to ensure relevant industry experience and integrity, then person has to register on our website and take the online exam with the help of User ID and Password provided by us, based on that the qualified candidates will be called for an interview (telephonic/skype/personal interview).

  Is it mandatory for the Assessor to give an Online exam ?

Yes, it is mandatory for every Assessor to first give an Online Exam.

  What is the percentage for clearing the Assessors online exam ?

The percentage for clearing the Assessor Online exam is 80%.

  In what time period the result be declared for the online test ?

The result will be displayed on the screen immediately after completing the online exam.

  Can an Assessor enrol more than one time ?

No, the Assessor cannot enrol more than one time for the test.

  What is procedure of applying for online exam ?

Firstly, the candidate must register on our website and then we will provide them with the User ID and Password for the test.

  How many times the online test can be taken by an Individual ?

The online test can be taken only once, no more attempts would be allowed.

  Which ID proof for Assessors is to be checked in some states of North East India, where Aadhaar ID is not applicable ?

In case, other ID proofs, such as, PAN card, Voter ID card, Passport would be checked.

  What are the Assessment parameters ?

  • Knowledge - Understanding of functioning of equipment & tool criteria to be used in selecting tools for a given tasks of the process of measurement.
  • Skill - Ability to carry out a task
  • Precision - Finishing to required measurement
  • Computing - Handling measurements & calculations Manual, Handling tools & equipment with ease.
  • Finishing - Neat finishing

  What are the Do’s and Don’ts for SB Assessors and Services during an Assessment ?

  • The attendance of the candidates is to be seen by the assessors
  • Physical presence of the candidates at the training venue is must
  • The assessors must provide the prescribe time for the course and record separately for practical, theory and VIVA.
  • Assessor will prepare practical cut component as per the question paper.
  • Assessor will check infrastructure facility available at testing center as per the module requirement
  • The assessors must discuss the assessment plan with the Manager Assessment Services before going for the dates of the candidate.
  • The evaluation of the assessment should be done in maximum 2 day’s time and the results must be send to the Corporate office in 5 day’s time.
  • DONT’s
  • The Assessor should not undertake exam if the candidate’s name, duration of the training is not received.
  • Assessor will not take any kind of help from VTP/LIA’s
  • The candidates should not be assessed other than the training institutes, already conveyed by the company.
  • Assessment should not be done for the candidates where they are found in some job already.
  • The assessors should not under or over mark the candidates
  • Any candidate which gets 49% or less marks should not be attempted for making the candidate successful.

  What are the documents required for being an Assessor ?

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar Card
  • 4 Photographs
  • Education Certificate
  • Experience Certificate


  • SBAS - SB Assessors and Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • LIA - Lead Implementing Agency
  • AB - Assessing Body
  • VTP - Vocational Training Provider
  • DGE&T - Directorate General of Employment & Training
  • MoT - Ministry of Textiles
  • MoL - Ministry of Labour& Employment
  • SDI - Skill Development Initiative Scheme
  • MES - Modular Employable Scheme
  • NON MES NON - Modular Employable Scheme
  • NSDC - National Skill Development Corporation
  • SSC - Sector Skills Council AAP Annual Action Plan
  • AICTE - All India Council for Technical Education
  • ASDP - Aajeevika Skill Development Programme
  • ASSOCHAM - Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
  • ATS - Advanced Training Scheme
  • CHSE - Council of Higher Secondary Education
  • CIDC - Construction Industry Development Council
  • CII - Confederation of Indian Industries
  • CTS - Craftsmen Training Scheme
  • FICCI - Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • GDP - Gross Domestic Product
  • GP - Gram Panchayat
  • ILO - International Labour Organization
  • ISTD - Indian Society for Training & Development
  • ITI - Industrial Training Institute
  • MES-SDI - Modular Employability Scheme - Skill Development Initiative
  • MHRD - Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • MHUPA - Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
  • MoLE - Ministry of Labour and Employment
  • MoRD - Ministry of Rural Development
  • MSME - Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • NABET - National Accreditation Board for Education and Training
  • NCVT - National Council of Vocational Training
  • NIOS - National Institute of Open Schooling
  • NOS - National Occupational Standards
  • NPMC - National Project Management Cell
  • NSDA - National Skill Development Agency
  • NSDP - National Skill Development Policy
  • NSQC - National Skills Qualifications Committee
  • NSQF - National Skill Qualification Framework
  • NULM - National Urban Livelihoods Mission
  • NVEQF - National Vocational Education Qualification Framework
  • NVQF - National Vocational Qualification Framework
  • PIA - Project Implementing Agency
  • QCI - Quality Council of India
  • QP - Qualification Packs
  • RDAT - Regional Directorates of Apprenticeship Training
  • RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning
  • SCVT - State Council for Vocational Training
  • SDI - Skills Development Initiative
  • SDMS - Skill Development Management System
  • SGSY - Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana
  • SKP - Skill Knowledge Providers
  • SRLM - State Rural Livelihood Mission
  • SSC - Sector Skills Council
  • STAR - Standard Training Assessment and Rewards